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    To be honest, what I actually did was just use your extension on MoreCore, and commented everything on the base extension except for those under Tabletop settings, and those under MYZ Dice mechanic. Extension-wise that's all.

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    I have to check how MoreCore implements the additional libraries in the sidebar. The implementation I did for the CoreRPG might be incompatible straight without code change.
    But I like what you showed, it is always good to have fresh view on something.

    I am actually having Coriolis extension based on MoreCore and I went exactly your way with the rolls
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    The past is a rudder to guide us, not an anchor to hold us back.

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    That's really cool, but I'm not that good with programming. I don't know how to reproduce your current Character Sheet.

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    Is this the most up-to-date version of the extension?

    Has there been any progress on moving this extension to MoreCore? If not, is there anything I can do to help?

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    The conversion for MoreCore is done. This is the thread where I post the extension and the extra stuffs:
    The past is a rudder to guide us, not an anchor to hold us back.

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    How are you other GMs doing modifiers for rolls, for example if an archer has -2 to his attack due to range how do you actually adjust the rolls in Fantasy grounds? Right now all we can do is click on the icon for the attack and push but we have not found a way to +/- from those rolls, and we are not able to drag and drop rolls into the dice tower, or drag and drop them into the dice pool. We are able to drag and drop individual and groups of dice but not the dice strings inside the character sheets. BTW we are really enjoying Forbidden Lands. Thank you for developing the FBL mechanics.

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