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    Hi !

    I'm in the case that have 2 routers...

    Line - R1.Cable Modem (Atlanta) - Wan - R2. SMC Wireless - The rest of the Machines (

    I've configured the SMC to send the port 1802 to my machine ( and when I make the test of FG it gives me ok... but my colleague couldn't connect to my... If I try to his machine then it worked ok... So I belive the problem is that I should forward also the R1... but where ? to the SMC address ( or mine also (

    Thanks for all !

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    Hello, I just bought a GM license and five player licenses in a bundle (I have the GM license). We haven't gotten up and running yet due to the network issues.

    I have a cable modem, which goes into a router, and that router goes off to several computers. Does that mean I have a "two router" scenario? As far as my security settings, I turned Windows firewall completely off (no other security software is running), I have a static IP and have assigned my router to forward 1802 to my box IP.

    I have even disabled my cable modem and router firewalls to no avail. The Fantasy Grounds test always results in "Failed" and a port check of my external IP for port 1802 at always times out. Any thoughts?

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    Yes, you have a two hardware firewall setup. You need to open 1802 on both and on the cable modem forward 1802 to the router which needs forward the port on to the local IP address of the computer hosting FG. Then you need to open the port on your software firewall which you can't usually do if the software is turned off.

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    Ok, I am certain I have no problems with my Windows firewall and have no anti-virus running right now. I am also certain my router forwarding to my static IP is correct (I have port forwarded many times on the router for gaming applications). I did try again with software on- no dice.

    Maybe the issue then, is with the modem (though it hasn't given me problems with port forwarding before). In forwarding in the modem software, I can only forward to 192.168.0.X (X > 2 but < 256)- the first thee bytes are fixed, I can only change the last. My router lives at

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    You need to find the external address for your router, which should be in the 192.168.0.x range, if your modem is at Then, you need to set up port forwarding on your modem to the router IP for 1802.


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    I found the solution for the Belkin Wireless G Router, my model is f5sd7230-4. type "" to access your settings. Under the firewall tab on the left hand side, click on "virtual servers". You have to create a server with the IP address that you want followed by the port number that you want open.

    Hope this helps

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    I&#180;m using a Belking to model sis 900, It seems I can&#180;t access the adress "" in my browser. I bought FG this weel and cant Host games yet. I allready disabled my Fire Wall, and set up the 1802 port to FG... Can some one help me out? Thanks.

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    Go to the Start menu, select 'Run'. In the Run window, type cmd.exe. This will open a DOS window. Type ipconfig and press enter. Note the default gateway. You can then close the cmd.exe window.

    Now put the default gateway number into your browser and try again.


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    Phystus, Thanks it worked!
    But when I get to the router address I can’t get to the step where I set up a forwarding port...

    Edit: Never Mind, I just saw the poster above, and I went to the Virtual Server and opened a port for FG2. It worked! Finally my Status is connected! thanks a lot guys!

    Here is the image for future reference for user that might have the same problem:

    Uploaded with
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    One more question: After setting up the router, FG is working fine, but the other computer on my net work lost the internet conection. Anybody knows how to get this fixed?

    Thanks again

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