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    Show hp & class over portraits

    I think that when you put the mouse pointer over a pcs portrait it should show the hps & class of that pc . as a cleric I get really confused of who has less hps than others . it would definately speed game time up imo. thanks for any reps . can someone please delete this double post thanks .
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    It should be player selectable

    In some campaigns I don't think other players want to have their particulars, even class and hp, blurted out for the whole party.

    I think it would be cool to have an 'outside impression' line that would say what you wanted about your character. It might have a space for fields ie <CLASS>, <HP> or it might say "Mind your bloody business <Viewer>!".

    That would be much more flexible and could be implemented for NPCs as well. I don't know how the program would deal with real time data, and if that would slow it down.

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