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    Item unidentified

    I own the full version of Fantasy Grounds and the Starfinder Addons.
    When players join the game they can‘t search or see any items and if I try to
    drag & drop any items to their sheets they show up as unidentified items.
    Is this a bug?

    Regards, Thomas

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    Welcome Locotomo there is an items bug in Starfinder at the moment (or there was) but Im not sure its exactly what you are seeing.
    You would need to share the reference book to the players and then they would need to go into Library->Modules and Load it themselves.
    They should then be able to access everything from the campaign tools (right hand side buttons).
    Turn Item Identification Off in Options may work better for you.

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    Is the item identification GM setting toggle set? From some of my experience with the toggle, some items will appear as unidentified, despite being more or less identifiable.
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    Also, when they join your server make sure they click on the Data Button on the lower right of the screen, then on the next window that opens, click modules and turn on all the books you have available to them. That will ensure they can see and choose the items themselves.

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