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    Probably found a memory leaks

    I'm working on a ruleset for me and my friends and I created a record class. When I open any windowsreference of this class if I didn't scroll to the bottom of the content of the windows or close it memory grows slowly but constantly and cpu usage stay constant at 1%. I try to debug it to find the leaks and find nothing in my script. I try to create the same thing in CoreRPG3.3.5. To reproduce this leaks I create a new vehicle fill all the field with random text all the content of the field must be taller than the height of the windows container. Vehicle.jpg after that I reload the ruleset open the Windows Task Manager and look at fantasygrounds.exe memory usage. In the ruleset I open the vehicle I created before et voila memory grows if I close the windows memory stop growing same thing if I scroll to the bottom of the windows. This thing append on windows 7 and windows 10 system. The line separator is probalbly involve.
    If someone can try it and tell me if he had the same leaks.


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