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Thread: Effects Lists

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    I really haven't done much of anything with Starfinder in several years. While I own all the physical books and have gotten some of the stuff for FG, my group dislikes the system and I haven't run a game in SF since Armory was released. I'd like to come back, but I don't have the group and the time to run again.

    If someone wants to add to this, feel free. Just credit the work already done and keep adding.
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    Half damage from a effect: Like Fire
    So I get this: RESIST: 15 fire
    And that will reduce the damage by 15 but if I want to Resist half the damge what do I put in: Tried
    RESIST: H fire thinking that would be half
    RESIST: fire thinking that would be half

    So what is the correct Effect?

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    There currently is no effect for that. You'd have to use the manual half damage button in the global modifiers.
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