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    'entry' image definition


    I have the skills on my charsheet set up so entries can just be added (like spells in the d20 charsheet) I have adding and scrolling all worked out.

    My question is that my image for each entry is just a few single lines onw pixel high. In each entry the inage is getting displayed at the top to the bounds.

    How do I make it be displayed at the bottom so it is an under line? do I have to modify the image to add 20 blank pixels to the top? of can I specify somthing in the _graphics.xml file where I specify the image?

    This is slighty different from the examle as that image has box's or somthing in it so the image is hight.


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    I think your best bet is to make your image the fiull height of the entry (mostly transaparent with your lines at the bottom of the image)

    The other option would be to position the top of your windowlist at the y-position where you want the first underline to appear. I don't think that would work though as any fields defined for the entries would only appear below that point (you would end up with what looks like a blank entry at the top of the list)

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    A font question for all of us doing custom char sheets ...
    What gives the tightest and best definition ?
    I've played with Arial Narrow, Times etc ... not happy with them. Suggestions ?

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    I've found Palatino Linotype to be quite good for charactersheet graphics. Quite readable even at 4pt.
    Nina was another I played with as it took up much less space horizontally but found it to be harder to read.

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    hmm I thought it would be a case of makig th eimage the right size. oh well.

    I tried Georgia in italic whick looked quite clear (for the user entry, for th sheet itself I used a vey gothic one not sure what). tbh though I have gone back to usign the standard one

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