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    The Speed for Ysoki is incorrect

    I was just playing around getting use to the Starfinder modules making a character I have been playing since August and I notices that the speed for Ysoki is wrong. According to page 41 in the core rule book "While the ysoki are Small their space, reach, and land speed is that of Medium creatures." When you make a Ysoki they get the speed 20 trait put on them.

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    We get

    Ruleset Error: windowcontrol: Database type mismatch for control (price) in windowclass (reference_groupedlist_groupitem)
    Script Error: [string "ref/scripts/ref_groupedlist_groupitem.lua"]:42: attempt to index local 'cField' (a nil value)

    when clicking on Armor under Items. Only 1 piece of armor appears. Same with weapons.

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    Another issue I think I found is in the calculation of skill points for example I have a techomancer that should be giving 4 skill ranks, and then I have an int modifier of 5. So I expect to see 9 skill ranks per level instead I see 5 per level. It looks to be only using the int modifier.

    I figured out what I did wrong, when I was buying Ability points I set my key stat to int, then when I put on the class it did not do the math.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Archamus View Post
    A couple of things I've noticed while just making a couple of characters..

    2. On the abilities page spells don't reflect the way they work in Starfinder. They're hard set to use a prepared system (like a D20 wizard), not to just cast any spell known and checking off an available spell slot (like a D20 Sorcerer).
    You can alter the casting type between prepared, point based and sorcerer style ( forgot what its called... just woke up.) You click on the icon beside prepared to switch it.
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    HP beyond 1st level not calculating?

    FYI - working on Vesk Solarian build and ran across some issues/missing pieces

    1st - HP beyond 1st level not calculating
    Bumped him to 2nd level on main page, should have bumped him in hp from 13 to 20. It did not adjust. On the mini-character page, I CAN adjust HP to 20, but it only adjusts "Current" HP on the main page when I do that.

    2nd - No other Stellar Revelations
    None are available beyond base two first level abilities of Black Hole and Supernova. There is no table to pull them for as "Powers" nor are they on the Class page for Solarian. This can be worked around by adding manually, but drag and drop functionality should definitely be part of this class main abilities.

    3rd - No Solarian Weapon Option
    Is not listed in the Weapons list at all; notta; nothing

    4th - Proficiency/Non-proficiency Penalty not working/adjustable
    All attacks/weapons are showing as "non-prof." penalty of -4 to the roll. Even though Proficiency ability is listed in the Abilities tab and on the Proficiency list on that tab. No way to adjust or mark on Actions tab. So every attack gets a -4 on it.

    oh and 5th - Skill Rank points did not calculate up for 2nd level, I should have additional skill ranks when leveling to 2nd and it only had my base 4-1 for Int = 3

    Weapon Damage is not calculating STR additions (or anything) correctly. There seems to be built in an auto -5 to damage for weapon attacks. Additionally, the Stat mod section of the Damage magnifying glass does not seem to impact the damage. You can also NOT select a 1x multiple for the +Str damage with melee weapons for example.
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    Not sure if its intentional but the only way to find non magical items that are not weapon or armors is the search tool.

    Shouldn't there be a tab for backpacks, comlinks and other non magical tools etc....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treviron Riaxx View Post
    Not sure if its intentional but the only way to find non magical items that are not weapon or armors is the search tool.

    Shouldn't there be a tab for backpacks, comlinks and other non magical tools etc....
    I can't seem to find the weapons without looking in the reference manual and I can't find the armor tables 7-14/15 anywhere. Weapons and Armor Error.png
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    Good evening everyone,
    I will get in and start looking at everything reported

    But as a Friendly Reminder to all None of the Original extension or modules I created before will work with the Official Ruleset. Please make sure none of it is active when you are getting errors.

    Thanks and Welcome to the Official Starfinders Rule Set
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    Clicking the armor or weapons button at the top of the item window results in an error and an incomplete list

    edit: whoops reported on previous page
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    The automatic attacks made for a weapon item being dragged into inventory don't auto-populate stats for a "base" stat.

    Additionally it doesn't seem to reference base attack bonus anywhere in that windows. Nor can I find base attack bonus lsited in the sheet (I may be dumb though...)

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