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    There is a very annoying bug.

    When you create an NPC it cannot have the name ID ending with a number. If you have a number and you call in an enc it FG does not number each one.

    See the pictures.
    The numbering at the end of the name is messing with the CT Numbering system. Just put the SUBTIER in () I.E PHILT (SUBTIER 1-2) and it will be fine.
    See my Example picture
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    My players and I have run into an issue with adding Drift Engines to ship frames. The issue appears to be with the maximum allowed Frame Size for each engine.

    An example would be adding a Signal Booster drift engine to a Small Frame ship. FG won't allow you to do this and will throw up; WARNING: adding 'Signal Booster' to 'SHIP NAME' - starship size is not supported.
    The Signal Booster engine should be allowed to be mounted on any frame size below Gargantuan (Tiny-Huge).

    We tested further and found that you can mount a Signal Ultra drift engine to ship frames above Medium; which shouldn't work.

    Ship Thrusters and Power Cores appear to be suffering from the same problem with frame sizes.

    Thanks for everything you do Samarex.
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