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    Where does that backpack come from?
    Starfinder Armory book

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    Quote Originally Posted by Griffonbait View Post
    For FGU:

    Attachment 33119

    Back pack errata?

    Does the Starfinder Backpack's own bulk apply when worn correctly? Notes in "Other" tab indicate no.
    Since this particular magic item doesn't specifically state that its own bulk doesn't count like the others do, then yes, its own bulk counts against your encumbrance limit.
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    I am getting the following error in my Starfinder campaign when I open up classes and select a class. I then try to add “ALT FEATURES” and when I hit the plus sign I get “Script Error: [string "common/scripts/list_text.lua"]:44: createWindow: Unable to create window"

    I tried the following:
    • Two different computers
    • Completely uninstalling and reinstalling Fantasy grounds
    • Replacing the db.xml with a backup db.xml

    Also, contacted friend with the program and he is able to do this without an error.

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    Hi All

    So I am pretty new to FGU, I am trying to set up characters - for reference I am exporting from Hero Lab Online and creating in Fantasy Grounds. A few things I have seen today:

    1) Technomancer - cannot add spells, receive 'Unable to determine class or level for new spell
    2) Cannot add Archetypes
    3) Soldier in Power Armor does not change/add unarmed combat damage (1d10)
    4) Not calculating damage modifier correctly inline with feats and race (Vesk race bonus, Hammerfist ability from Armor Storm)
    5) Saving throws not always calculating correctly
    6) Solarion powers not listed as actions (Super Nova, Solar Weapon)
    7) Inheritor's Grace I armor missing from the Armory (II & III are present)
    8) Operative's Edge not being added to skill scores and initiative checks

    A lot of the automation I saw users getting in the 5e modules jsut seems to be missing, happy to accept this could be my relative inexperience but putting the PCs together has been quite painful and they are probably only 80% there. I want to move my stuff to FGU completely and ditch HLO so would be good to know when these issues will be addressed or to know what I am doing wrong. These are just the issues that immediately spring to mind., I haven't documented everything yet

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