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    Many things, such as these things you are pointing out, are not automated. It does take quite a bit of time to automate many of these things while also trying to put out new content that also requires rules changes (such as Alien Archive 3 and COM, for example), plus there is the whole debate in the community between those that want automation and those that want a complete sandbox with minimal rules being handled.
    And that's fine. I should have said, that it bothers me because I wasn't sure if we we're doing something incorrectly or if it just wasn't automated. Now that I know, it bothers me...less. I appreciate the work. I agree with the other posts that I would personally wanted it automated if paying for a program like this, I assumed that's part of the attraction, the other part, and what we use it for, is connecting friends that are across the world.

    Thanks for the update!

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    Automation Bug:
    Product: COM
    Class: Vanguard
    Automation is adding 8+con stamina for each level. Should be 7+con.

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    Core Functionality Issue:
    Need capability for rolling ranged combat maneuvers, as well as EAC combat maneuvers.

    Use cases:
    CRB: Dirty Trick specifically states GM option to allow ranged dirty tricks w/extremely small range+increments
    COM: Vanguard gains ability to use EAC for all combat maneuvers at 5th level.
    COM: Flare Solarian with Agile Wavelengths gains ability to do ranged combat maneuvers with 30 foot range with their EAC-attacking weapon.

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