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    C&C One Shot (Introduction to C&C)

    Hey all,

    Due to some players being available this Monday for my regular game I have decided to try my hand at running a session of C&C (Time will be announced soon). This will be my first time running and playing it. So if you have never played and wish to learn now is the time. If you have played before and want to just play a laid back game then you are welcome to join also. This game is open to all experiences of fantasy grounds and C&C.

    About me: I have been playing RPG's for over 20 years, mostly AD&D 2nd edition but I have spent the last year running Rise of the Runelords on fantasy grounds both online and a live game at home. I'm really looking forward to getting into C&C, I love the rules light approach they took with the D20 system.

    About the Game: We will be playing the start of an old AD&D module that I have converted. The party will start in a town that has been all but completely occupied by monsters. The counsel is looking for hero's to start a counter offensive. The first task is to retake a nearby fort that will help to remove the current blockade of the river.

    I currently have 2 possibly 3 players and I'm looking for 2-3 more. Characters will start at level 3 so we can explore a few of the abilities available to classes and showcase how the siege engine works more effectively.

    Characters will be created together so everyone understands how they are made and we can answer questions as a group as to how the Sheet is used in Fantasy Grounds. This will also give players a chance to discuss with each other who will play what and generally get a feel for each other.

    I have an ultimate FG license so all players will need is the Demo to play. We will be sticking with just the players handbook for this session to keep things simple. I have the players handbook so players will not need anything but a willingness to have fun in order to join.

    If you are interested please post here, it will be first come first serve.

    communication will be via Discord. Invites to my server will be sent to accepted players.

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    Game will be Monday Feb 19th 2018 @ 5pm PST

    Here is a link to the game calender:

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    I already am running a game that night or I'd be onboard.
    DMing since 1979. Ultimate License holder.

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    Thanks for 7+ years of gaming via FG my friends (2e / 3.5e / Rolemaster Classic / Castles & Crusades / Pathfinder / Savage Worlds / 5e).

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    Just saw this and am interested in playing if it's still a go. Didn't see the game listed on the calendar.
    Fan of Castles and Crusades/Savage Worlds, just about any rpgs.

    I am in Eastern time zone and am fairly open most play times, but do prefer Evening or late night games.

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