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    Yeah I'm really excited. I told one of my friends about it and he thought it sounded cool and is excited to play.

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    At the cost you can buy it for on FG its an absolute no brainer.
    Its a good game system and a good ruleset.

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    Yeah! I'm really surprised at how cheap it is on FG compared to PDFs and physical releases. But I'm not complaining

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    While I have yet to play or GM in a C & C game on FG, I have had some fun experiences playing at a table. I remember one adventure ( this was run at GenCon last year) our group was retrieving an heirloom from a baddies house. there were all sorts of traps and strange rooms in it, as well as henchmen to deal with. At one point my rogue surprised the "boss" in his room just as he was stepping out of his bath, with a towel wrapped around himself. He was a huge muscular guy, and he looked like he was getting ready to attack me with clenched fists. My character decided to grap the guy's towel and pull it off him, which surprised him, and made him use his hands to cover himself, at which point, our fighter grabbed a chair and smacked the big naked guy over the head, knocking him out. We tied him up and quickly made our way through the house, dealing with more traps and upon finding the artifact, beat a hasty retreat, with a huge now half giant sized ( if I remember right, he had an enlarge person spell or potion on him)naked guy chasing us and trying to kill us.
    Because of the stripped down and streamlined nature of the toolset, things can happen very quickly, making for a very fun and action-packed feel to the game. It's very easy to play by the seat of your pants, and not get bogged down looking for rules on everything that CKs and players encounter.I think it encourages players to improvise (and role play) a bit more because of that.Really love this system and Savage Worlds.
    Fan of Castles and Crusades/Savage Worlds, just about any rpgs.

    I am in Eastern time zone and am fairly open most play times, but do prefer Evening or late night games.

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    XD That's wonderful! I wish I had been at that table when that happened! Hehe

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