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    voted, thanks!

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    Just added two videos to the landing screen. Still not allowed to say it uses Fantasy Grounds, but anyone who knows FG should recognize the software that is being demonstrated in both videos.

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    ok voted

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    Version Incarnate-Engine2_1_010 now has cheat sheet 10, cities, as requested. I've also posted a bunch of new YouTube videos. With those first two voted priorities done, it is time for the next vote.

    What do you want to see next? Please vote for your top 4 choices. You may vote here Please vote, the more data I have, the more likely I am to work on the things the community wants.
    1. Additional Bard Colleges
    2. Additional Cleric Domains
    3. Additional Paladin Oaths
    4. Additional Rogue Archetypes
    5. Additional Warlock Patrons
    6. Additional Wizard Schools
    7. Room Generators (cheat sheet 5)
    8. District Maps
    9. District Descriptions
    10. Race Appearance Descriptions
    11. New Bosses
    12. Work towards getting Incarnate-Battles back to alpha (I legally need to replace about 100 pages worth of content before I can bring this back to alpha. Although NPC engineer will make this easier, it will still take a lot of hours.)
    13. New YouTube demonstration videos
    14. Run more games
    15. Recruit more authors and artists into Incarnate Gaming to increase our diversity (they will want to see the potential for profitability).
    16. Additional backgrounds (Miller, Curator, Quartermaster, Captain, First-Mate, SeaDog, Tribesman, Headhunter)
    17. Additional maps (especially 5 chamber caverns, 4 chamber towers, mountain, hill, swamp, village, city, underwater)
    18. Flavor text for musical instruments, kits, tools, and sets.
    19. More Pre-generated player characters
    20. More organization quests, goals, beliefs, benefits, and obligations.
    21. More dungeon key features.
    22. Add tower with key features to dungeon types.
    23. Add underwater with key features to dungeon types.

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    I like what you did with updated landing page and videos. A person is able to see how it is applicable to them and tune in for further details. Well done sir!

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    Thanks. And thank you guys for the great ideas on how to redo it... would not have been possible without your advice.

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    Hi guys, improvement to the voting system here:
    This makes it so that you only have to vote for each topic once and it remembers old votes, even as I (and you) add new things for us to work on.

    The new voting system can and is embedded. Thanks for the patience. I also made it so you can vote with ranked votes (5 for this one, 3 for that). You do have a maximum number of votes, so spend them wisely.
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    Hi guys! Looks like I'm going to get the next update tomorrow morning. I've redone the city name generator, added a wilderness plant generator, added key features to dungeons, and am just finishing adding descriptive text to tools, sets, and instruments. Please vote on what else you want so I can squeeze in as much as possible. I'm going to spend most of next week mapping, so if you don't want to have to wait, get those ideas in now:

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    Just posted this weeks update. I also managed to squeeze in the heirarchical naming structure for all three mods. Thanks for the suggestions, please keep voting. I'm a bit burned out of xml, so for at least a couple of days, maybe even a week, I'm going to focus on maps. Hopefully I can get Penolia ready to release to the general public. Hopefully I can also fill out a bunch of terrain, city, and district maps for battlemaps. If you have suggestions, feel free to post them then vote them up here:

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    Just launched Incarnate-Penolia with major additions to Incarnate-BattleMaps. These now have a combination of over 300 maps. Penolia is a lore empty world that you can set your own lore to. The Fantasy Ground College (not associated with Smiteworks) has been beta testing it and you can see some of what they have done with it here:, but feel free to make it your own. Thanks for the patience while I've been mapping for a couple of weeks. These modules should both be fully functional with all CoreRPG rulesets, however I do not yet know how to mark them as such so you will still need to use the Universal Modules extension.

    If anyone can tell me how to mark them as CoreRPG instead of as 5e that would be hugely helpful. I still plan to convert these generators to other languages once I have stabilized the 5e version. Thank you for all of the Pathfinder requests, but with limited times and resources I want to wait until I have the 5e version stable as the conversion will be extremely intensive (at least weeks, and probably months).

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