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    Aiding Players and Equipping GMs - Incarnate System

    Benefits to the players:
    1. Access to content to build characters even if they cannot afford official source texts. (Content is from the SRD under the OGL, DanDwiki under GNU, and Incarnate Gaming's own additions.)
    2. Access to pre-done effect coding for feats, abilities, and items to save them having to learn the proper FG syntax.
    3. Pre-done skill coding for instruments, artisan's tools, and a few other items which commonly have skill checks
    4. Starting equipment lists with item summaries and links to quickly add their choices.
    5. Pre-written flavor items for 59 backgrounds that they can then tweak to their liking.

    Benefits to GMs:
    1. Over 3,000 tables
    2. Random NPC generator customize-able to force or prioritize class, race, background, CR, and/or subrace. This generator populates not only the basic information but also detailed information such as Personality, Ideal, Bond, Flaw, weapon attacks, skills gained by class and archetype.
    3. Random City generator that includes government, buildings (with npcs as above), key features, population, and much much more.
    4. Random dungeon generator with several different types.
    5. Random Loot Tables (Incarnate-5Forge is linked to include almost 300,000 magical items)
    6. Several new bosses with foreshadowing to hint at their presence in the dungeon, and suggested flavor text to use during the battle.
    7. More content will continue to be added if the community responds well to this project.
    8. Hundreds of maps. If your players have the modules as well then there will be no loading time (and since they are freely available there is no excuse for them to not download them in advance).

    Our website is located here:

    We would love to have your feedback on the order for new features. Vote now:

    Managing Member Incarnate Gaming LLC

    CoreRPG functionality ( for 3 main modules, 1 extension and dozens of additional empty world maps ( 5e functionality for 3 main modules and an extension.

    Legal: For those wondering about IP violation. These modules contains data from the SRD (with product identity scrubbed) according to the terms of the OGL. The download page provides a copy left version of this content. It also contains some re-balanced content from DanDwiki under the GNU. The original content has a copy left version included on the website as a separate download Those are the only two outside sources this pulls from, the rest is original content licensed to Incarnate Gaming L.L.C. and released under the Incarnate General License This license was specifically written with digital distribution in mind and allows things like linking (1g) and reviews (1h), clauses not found in the OGL.
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    I know that some of this will need re-balanced as it is being play-tested. Any opinions on things that need redone so far?

    Update: a huge thank you to all the volunteer GMs and players over in the Explorer's Guild who have been playtesting not just the Incarnate System, but also its cross-compatibility (and sometimes lack there of) with other 5e content. It has been a pleasure working with you guys and fixing the problems as we have found them. A special call out to our master min/maxer Yasuragi who has repeatedly found beautiful ways to break the game and has had great suggestions on how to fix it.
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    New Version:
    2_1_006: I've now added a bunch of pregens using the data from the engine. Next Update will have improvements to the dungeon generator. Any requests for specific updates? Let me know what you want.
    2_1_007: Added redone dungeons. Can now generate a 5 chamber (pretty good for a 4 hour 1 shot) dungeon with a single click. I've begun to redo the city generator to allow for generation of cities by districts. This is a work in progress, but more will be coming.
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    Can I just add here that ProNobis has added some support for NPC Engineer to the NPC part of his opus. You will find an input translator for Incarnate in NPC Engineer too, but I believe he has changed the output to make the translator obsolete - the output text from Incarnate is already perfect for parsing. I'm not trying to hijack his thread here; I'm just pointing out that there is some interoperability between our tools should anyone wish to use them in conjunction. The addition of 'mythology' and 'terrain' sorting options were at the direct request of ProNobis to allow more flexibility for his system.

    Having seen what his system can do at an earlier stage, I have to say it is astonishing and I was glad to be able to offer any support I could.

    Well done, sir!

    Engineer Suite
    Import, build or edit NPCs/spells/equipment and then parse them directly into a Fantasy Grounds module.

    Download the latest version from the website.
    Support me by becoming a patron on Patreon.
    Chat directly about issues or suggest features on the
    Discord channel.
    Post issues on the issue tracker on Github.

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    Please specify the ruleset(s) this is for. Don't have us waste our time if this is 5e only.

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    Bidmaron, I do not know. Most of the power of the module is in tables and story templates that are supposed to work in other rulesets. I hear a rumor of a mod that lets you open up modules from other rulesets. If you have any information on it I will gladly try it out and post what I find. I suspect that it will properly generate most lore based things, but that links to items, spells, feats, etc. will probably not work properly. Eventually, if there is enough demand, I could see doing a version designed to work fully in all rulesets, but that will take a good amount of time to research how to do and to modify the tables so that it does not generate any links to things not in all rulesets.

    Zacchaeus found it: Quick testing shows that it is at least partially compatible with 3.5 and 4. The lore based features seem fully functional. The only drawback is that some 5e material is available through links and there did not seem to be any warnings when clicking on them. It would be possible to accidentally add unbalanced material into another ruleset through such a mistake.

    Bidmaron, did you have a specific ruleset in mind? It is available for free download (although a tip would be nice) so you don't have anything to loose by trying.
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    Maasq, NPC Engineer is amazing. I plan to use it when launching into the next phase... the full SRD bestiary with augmentations from Roman, Greek, Norse, Celtic, and other mythologies to expand it to be able to handle high level play. I already have designed a system of tables that will be able to either call premade encounters by terrain type and CR, or generate a truly random encounter based on summing npc xp (I know this is imperfect, but am unsure if there is any better way to do it short of forcing people to use an extension, something I would prefer to avoid. you can find the NPC Engineer here:

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    Sounds very intriguing, ProNobis. I play PF, but mainly I was just asking so people who don't do 5e won't waste their time. The links probably won't work in other rulesets.

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    Bidmaron, at least in 3.5 and 4 my test showed that the links still work, pulling from embedded data. So the issue is not with the links working, but with them pulling in data that may be out of balance. Flavor items could work well still, and the main goal is not with the linked items, but with the generated lore.
    Could you please test it in pathfinder? Thank you!
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    Roger that. Will give it a go and let you know.

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