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    A Letter To Say Greetings!

    I could not believe my eyes when I seen how long Fantasy Grounds has been around. I have looked several times for something exactly like this and whether I was typing in the wrong searches or just looking at the wrong places I only came up with the same result. OpenRPG And....well I disliked it. I wanted something that felt like I was playing the p&p game and not a video game with cheap graphics. Thank you Smite! This is exactly what I have wanted!!!!!!


    P.S. Add sound effect abilities =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Majik
    P.S. Add sound effect abilities =)
    Welcome to the wonderful world of Fantasy Grounds Majik.

    I too would love to hear those cyber dice clatter across the cyber table top
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    And welcome to the old 'sound vs no sound' fight.


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    Many greetings Majik. FG rocks, but still needs "attention" in the traditional channels. For reasons that I can conclude are based mainly on price point, other utilities seem to better FG in volume.

    Anyways, welcome to the party.

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    Welcome... Hope to see you around!

    (no real opinion on the sound thing... it'd be cool but there is a lot more I'd like to see prioritized before sound).
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    Just out of curiosity, Majik, what searches were you using? There's 15-20 virtual tapletop programs out there, but I agree, many suffer from cheap graphics syndrome.
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    My main searches I did were like on download.com. It's been about 5-6 months since I searched for it before, til now when I found it. I'm just glad to be here! I had gave up on finding a group to play with locally so I traded my books in for some cash so I could buy a few other items in life. But now I am on a spending spree to get all my books back LOL. Thanks for the hellos. I'll be searching the calendar for a game in my area EST.


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