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    The token size is one of the options already, just change it to what you want:

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    I noticed that box, but using the up/down arrows I cannot get the size above 100. Also if I type in say 200 ,then as soon as I make another selection elsewhere in the options available then the number resets to 100. I have downloaded all of the tokens at 100by100,some because of mini size are bigger,200sq,300sq. I want the medium tokens 200 square though. The program is fabulous, I love these tokens it produces .

    Minor problem ,I can use a free graphics program I have to resize them but wanted the higher resolution initially.

    On your own copy you can set this number to greater than 100?I am running it on an older laptop using win8 into FGC using the sets as token bags option. My modern laptop i use FGU and win10,I have not tried it on the newer laptop,I prefer to do all my custom stuff on the old laptop.

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    Sorry, I did not understand you were saying that option did not work. My bad. I just posted a new version which should fix it. (I did unintentionally limit it to 100 as the max.)

    I tested with 200 and it worked for me, so hopefully works for you.

    Also, since most people seemed to be using the x64 version of .NET Core, I switched it to that as well (as opposed to x86)

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    I downloaded new version, had to get the switched .net core as well (caught me off guard on that one, said I didn't have net core).Just checked on the Pathfinder Minis as a test, they are favourites anyway, and it all worked good. The produced 200by200 tokens have much more detail. Thanks.

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    Kind of new at this, sorry, but where are the tokens downloaded to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frodie View Post
    Kind of new at this, sorry, but where are the tokens downloaded to?
    I also new to this but when I chose the dl to GM token folder it does not show up in my assets tab.
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    Since this was originally written for FG, not FGU, it puts the tokens under a "host" directory if you pick GM. So when you open your Assets, go to "Data" and then go to "host" and then hit the refresh symbol and the tokens will appear. (The first time only, you may have to first refresh at the "Data" folder to see the "host" folder.)

    If you had loaded using the "Sets as Token Bags" options then they will be in a folders under that same host folder.

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    Thank you! This is great, but would be so much better if it gave you the option to specify where you Token's folder was exactly.

    For example I have a folder for both FGU and FGC, and it downloaded these token into the FGC tokens folder, so I now have to copy them over to my current FGU folder.

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