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    having problems!!!

    i bought a full licience and three lite licience and i was giving the three lite away to my friends but they are having problems getting them to work on thier computers and i am really mad because there is nothing that shows how to do it anywhere
    can someone please guide me through it step through step so i dont miss anything thanks to whoever helps me out

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    The most common problem connecting is using an internal IP address instead of the external IP address or the host not having the right port opened on his router, firewall or both.

    You can use https://www.whatsmyip.org/ to find out your external IP address of the host. Open ports: make sure you have Port 1802 TCP incoming for the host (1802 TCP outgoing for the clients). Clients should not have to open ports. You can check to see if you port is actually open at www.pcflank.com
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    Quote Originally Posted by hellstorm
    but they are having problems getting them to work on thier computers
    What exactly is the probelm they are having. You said it is not working, does FG not boot up? Problems connecting? FG crashing when they xxxxx?

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    my friends cannot get the program to run on thier computers but i have the licience numbers because i bought all of them at the same time and now the licience seem like they are not transferrable to my friends so i would like some help onto being able to give my friends the licience number so they can have screen where you can add the number in and then be able to play online like i would to be doing right now

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    You should be able to email the license numbers to them and they can enter them in. I think you get an email with a link to download the software as well. You can forward that on to them too.

    What does it mean "my friends cannot get the program to run on thier computers"? The program crashes? They get an error and it aborts out? They can't get the licenses to work?


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    nope they dont have the program to download for them to put thier licience in so they can play

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    Quote Originally Posted by hellstorm
    nope they dont have the program to download for them to put thier licience in so they can play

    When you go through the shopping cart thing your paying to buy a license key(s), thats all. It is the license keys that let you enable the functions of the program from "demo mode" through to the mode of the license key you have purchased.

    If you have not downloaded the software already, you and your friends will need to download it and install it. (if you have been playing with the demo, you already have it).

    This can be done from the downloads section of this web site, the lite version can be downloaded from here or the full version can be downloaded here.

    Once the file has finished downloading, go to the folder where you saved the file you downloaded. Double click on the icon of the file and this will start the install of the software.

    Once the software is fully installed, start the program and it should ask you for a code or key. Thats where you enter your license code.

    And thats pretty much it.

    If your having problems, post a question in the Customer Service section of this message board. The SmiteWorks people are very helpful and will help you as soon as they can.
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    Also note: I think you get TWO emails after you buy the software. One has the keys and one has the link to download the software. For some reason the sometimes the first email makes it though but the 2nd gets blocked by anti-spam blockers.

    If you didn't get a 2nd email with the links to download the software, check the place your spam gets sent to and see if you have an email there.


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    The email you received contains a list of download links and a list of license keys. Give one download link to each of your friends along with one of the license keys. When you click the link, download the software it will prompt for the license key during installation. Make sure you don't accidently give two people the same license.
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