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    Sneak attack has been fixed.

    For effects such as sneak attack, I just copy/pasted text that I found on the FG Forums.
    It obviously didn't take level stuff into account (or more accurately, just used 20th level for everything).

    I'll slowly go through the other effects to see other things that need to be updated.

    One odd thing I saw was To Hit on your Bard, my calculations are way off from what's displayed on the D&D Beyond character sheet.

    Especially for the +1 Longsword.

    No idea what's going on there.

    Did some debugging, the longsword + 1 needs to have the word magic on it.
    *edit: That picture is of the FGU "Longsword + 1" which is not identified so ignore the fact it doesnt have the plus one bonus bit.
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    i can not get this to work ive downloaded the xml. and trying to import the character and its not showing up anywhere.

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    What's the character ID, I'll figure out what's wrong and get back to you.

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