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    Quote Originally Posted by Mortar View Post
    You are telling it to use a header blocktype and a text5 frame at the same time. Heade text if I remember correctly is "string" and not "formattedtext."

    Ideally, your code should be similar to this:

    		<blocktype type="string">header</blocktype>
    		<text type="string">Players Handbook</text>
    Next block would be your text or image.
    Thanks, it was text type "string" that I needed. I can still use frame though!
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    Thank you so much for this extension. I really appreciate it!

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    A little direction


    I downloaded the file from the first page, and this is the result. I don't see an .ext file. Is there a special way to set this up? Please excuse this fail boat rider.

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    The file you downloaded IS the .ext
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    @ThatManOmega, go back up one directory level to your Downloads folder and take the Author file you downloaded and drop it into your extensions folder.
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