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    Bought Tokens where do I find them?

    I just bought Heroic Characters 6 Token Pack. I clicked update on FG.

    Where do I find the tokens? Wish to use one in a campaign I am in.

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    Click on tokens and then on the modules button, find the module and click load to make them available in game. You’ll see a new bag in the tokens window with your tokens in it.
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    I do not see a Modules button in the tokens. When i open Tokens, the bag looks greyed out.
    If i create a campaign i can see the tokens. Just cant seem to find a way to add them to the character i made on his campaign.

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    Okay i bought them from Devins site as well. Now i can use it.
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    You should not need to buy them from two sites.

    Did you buy it from the FG store or Steam?

    If Steam, you need to make sure your accounts are linked to each other.

    If on the FG store, once you run update, assuming you use the same user name in the store as FG, you just need to click on the tokens button then modules and then open the new tokens.

    Once that is done, a bag will appear in the tokens area and the new tokens are in the appropriately named bag.
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    it sounds like Durak is trying to use them as a player? If so this is not possible from the module...

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    The issue here is the difference between Portraits (images a player can add to their PC from the player's \portraits directory or the player's Portraits modules) and tokens (images a GM can add to NPCs/Creatures or PCs from the GMs \tokens directory or GMs token modules).

    If a player adds a portrait to their PC it auto generates a token based off that portrait in that campaign only.

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