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    [LFP][5e] Blackwater Vale Campaign (Official module/homebrew hybrid)

    Edit - Probably full for now - see last post. Feel free to sign up if you'd like and I'll keep a reserve list in case spots open. Thanks!

    Hey adventurers!

    I'm currently looking for two more players to join a new (but ideally long term) campaign. Here are the details:

    Full Description

    FG License: All types welcome, DM has Ultimate edition.
    Game System: D&D 5e
    Players: 5 total, looking for 2 more.

    DM Timezone: PST (UTC -8)
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Weekly, Saturdays, 10AM - 2PM PST
    Start Date: Due to the upcoming holidays, I’m planning the first session for January 6th. There is some flexibility to start sooner if all players are available and interested during the holiday period.

    Term: Long term. Planned content can support 1-20+.
    Chat: Required, Discord

    Campaign Summary:
    The campaign takes place largely on the northern Sword Coast, in the area around the city of Neverwinter. I’ll be Frankensteining a number of published modules together with my own content, and rearranging a little of the Forgotten Realms setting and history to suit me.

    To that end, the game I have in mind takes place largely in an area called the Blackwater Vale, a river valley bordered by the Neverwinter Wood to the north and the Sword Mountains to the south. The Vale has been abandoned for centuries due to several calamities and the presence of a very old, very territorial black dragon. In recent years rumors have spread that the dragon is dead, and folk are returning to reclaim the Vale and uncover its secrets.

    I plan to run the storyline I have in mind up to level 20+, though I expect the cast of characters may change over time.

    I’m aiming for a pretty even split between social gameplay, exploration (both overland and the old fashioned dungeon crawl) and combat, though early levels may be closer to 20/40/40. The campaign isn’t a sandbox - there is definitely a narrative - but I’m aiming for the sweet spot between “Total sandbox” and “None of my choices matter” - I don’t want the game to feel like either of those extremes.

    Official Modules Used:
    In terms of published modules, I’ll be using significant parts of the following:
    • Sunless Citadel
    • Forge of Fury
    • Phandelver
    • Some old 4E modules (Keep on the Shadowfell, others)
    • Some REALLY old stuff from Dungeon Magazine in the 2E era
    • A couple of free modules posted here on the FG forums

    If you’ve run/read any of those modules that may mean this campaign won’t be a great fit - we can talk on a case by case basis if you feel like it would still work.

    If you want to join us:
    1. Read the full description of the campaign to make sure it sounds like your jam.
    2. Fill out this little questionnaire so I can get an idea of what kind of game you're into.
    3. Add yourself to the calendar entry.

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    My wife and I would really interested except we play in a game that starts at 1 pm on Saturdays. Others sounds like a great plan. We haven't played any of those modules. Been in FG for 3 years + and D&D5e since it started. Other Roleplaying since forever.
    Ultimate License

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    Thanks, damned!

    Ahoggya, thanks man. Bummer about the time - if we end up changing the timeslot and have room I'll hit you up.

    Thanks everyone who has hit the signup so far! I'll hit y'all up in PMs to chat. As of right now I have more interest than I have slots, which is an awesome place to be in as a DM. I'll end up making a call based on who it seems like will gel best with the existing group, but I probably won't make a final call on who to bring in this round till after the holiday, so if I'm a little slow to respond no worries.

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    Thanks for all the interest! Edited the first post to say we're full for now, since I think I already have more cool people wanting to play than I can take.

    Feel free to sign up if you'd like - if something doesn't work out or people drop I'll look for replacements.

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    Hey Kalsaphix, I think the game is probably full. Thanks for the interest though!

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    I would like to play if you have a place open up. I really like the game description and think it is exactly what I have been looking for.
    Please keep me in mind should you need a fill in, be it temp or perm. I am more than willing to fill any roll needed.
    Thank you, be cool.

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    If a spot opens up, please let me know. Would love to possibly join. :-)

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