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    Automatically Setting NPC Initiative to 20

    Hey folks. Is there any coding I can add to an NPC such that their initiative is automatically set to 20 when they are added to the combat tracker?

    I'm creating a number of complex traps with multiple NPCs for a mod I intended to distribute. All of these trap components act on initiative 20. It would be nice to automate it instead of instructing the DM to set it manually. They have enough to do.

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    No, I don't see any way to do that. NPCs initiative can be set to Group, On or Off in options. If you set On or Group a roll is made when the NPC is placed upon the CT; the only difference being whether individual initiative is rolled or one dice is rolled for all the same NPCs. The only other method of setting initiative is have the option off and the DM makes the roll from the CT. You can set effects for Initiative to give a bonus or penalty to it but that effect is only tested when an initiative roll is made.

    So, it would seem that you will have to manually adjust the initiative for those traps after initiative is rolled or, switch off the roll and just enter the figure.
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    Well, you *could* do it with an extension. But that would be ruleset dependent.

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    This actually isn't a problem because I was focused on finding traps. In this case, I'll simply use the passive perception check against the DC of the trap component. There's no need to roll. If they are actively searching, then they'll roll. No problem in this case.

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