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    What is the purpose of this tag? I have seen it used a few times in the Rulesets and was guessing it was an operation that allowed you to click the same button a second time and close whatever window the button had originally opened. However using it on the character sheet, it does not seem to function this way (has no effect at all actually), where as using it on the desktop does, see the light, pointer, tracker buttons for example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snikle
    What is the purpose of this tag?
    The name of the tag lets me assume the same. Maybe it's just supported on desktop buttons. I think most of those "mysteries" will be clear after the release of the full documentation of 1.06.

    Maybe the developers will release the doc's before releasing 1.06 (Hint! Hint!). So we'll have time to think about all those nifty things we can create with Lua.

    [offering oblations to the developer - gods ]

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