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    LFG - Friday or Saturday 8pm EST

    40 something LFG
    played D&D about 25 years ago
    recently came across FG on Steam
    I have the demo and and going through some YouTube tutorials on how to play
    I'm interested in a weekly group Friday or Saturday night starting around 8:00pm EST

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    Hi there, do you have a system you are interested in? I'm not currently recruiting for those time slots (I currently run a 8pm saturday nights, and looking to keep fridays open for a Friday Night Fights arena thing coming soon), but System info helps if you can post, or edit that in. Will help you greatly.

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    No system preference. Id just like to get into a game and see what things are like. I played ad&d back in the day so things are probably different now.

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    Quite different yeah. Could you swing a sunday evening game? I'm converting an old genesis game to Pathfinder, and I hacked Pathfinder into an XP buy what you want. It's going to be battle chess with a story, basically. 30 maps, 30 battles, some RP and story between to rope it all together. I'm debating between Thursday night and Sunday atm, letting applicants vote on it. If you are interested, more than welcome. If not, I may have something for you in the next few weeks.

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    Any friday, Sat, or Sun after 7pm EST works for me as long as Sunday doesnt go past 10:30pm. Need to work Mon AM. I'm really looking to just get back into the game and see what things are like.

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