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    Right, so sorry if this is the wrong location for this but this is getting a bit annoying...and by a bit...I mean ALOT. Nearly every time I try to purchase something through the store, It force logs me out and then when I log in again it doesn't show that whatever I added to the Cart is there, forcing me to go to the store, add it again and rinse repeat from the beginning.

    No it is not a refresh issue, I've tried that. No it's not a Cookie issue, I tried that.
    It's like you DON'T want me to give you my money. I'm not saying I object however, I insist you take it. ~,,~

    In addition, it doesn't even let me attempt to purchase on the off chance it goes through saying I need to email the them about said issue.

    The issue seems to have fixed itself. However, the forceful Log out is still an issue.
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    Hi RR,

    Sorry to hear you're having issues. You r best bet for a speedy response is to shhoot an email to [email protected]. Its monitored all the time (I believe) so they'll be able to get you sorted.

    Hope that helps


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