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    New Player Looking For A Group

    Hello! I am looking for a group playing D&D on Fantasy Grounds. I am in my late forties, married with children, employed full-time and fairly busy, but I really want to carve out some free time to campaign once a week with like-minded people. I have not played actively for many years, so I would need some assistance to get back into the groove. I love what I am seeing here and I really look forward to some great adventures with new friends!

    Thank you!

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    Welcome Orrian Valwarin
    Stay active on the forums and apply to those games that fit your schedule.
    It can sometimes happen quickly and sometimes it can take quite a while so be be persistent and patient!

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    Orrian, is there a certain time (zone) that best suits you? My group can always use another player but we may not play at a time suitable for you.
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    I live in the Central Time Zone (GMT-6). I am available mostly in the evening during the week and weekend afternoons/evenings.

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    Hey Orrian, we are a group of 40 year old gamers. We have had a few sessions together. We are all in the Western Colorado area. So, 1 hour ahead. What kind of game are you looking for? 5e? That is what we are currently running. We have mostly played on Thursday late night. The time has been sporadic. Let me know if you are interested or found a group already.

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    jjod27 - That sounds perfect! Can you please send me a PM with what I will need?

    DM Mag - Thank you! I will check that thread out!

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