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    Help with Theme

    Hey all,
    I am creating a jungle theme for, because jungle terrain is cool and all. I am hacking FGHorde theme on top of the wizard's theme. Loading both because I want my customized on top of wizard character windows.

    My problem is I do not know how to remove or make black the side bar area. What do I need to do?
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    The Curse of Strahd theme is for 5e. Have a look in there for the sidebar coding.

    	<framedef name="shortcuts">
    		<bitmap file="graphics/frames/curtain.jpg" />
    		<left rect="0,0,5,800" />
    		<middle rect="5,0,120,800" />
    		<right rect="125,0,5,800" />

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    Perfect! Thank you!

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