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    How to code granting 'advantage' with an effect?

    Hi friends!

    I'm currently playing as a cleric with the Luck domain in my Pathfinder campaign and I'm always forgetting that I have domain powers because they are not included/coded into the Pathfinder FG module, and thus are not easily dragged/dropped onto my Character Sheet.

    My Luck domain power would grant 'advantage' (any time when rolling a d20, roll twice and take the better result), and I'm wondering how to set this up as a 'Spell' on my character sheet, if it's possible at all. Obviously the language for granting advantage exists (since 5e is supported), but would the same syntax work when I'm in the PF ruleset?

    I should probably note that I'm quite new to FG and coding in general.


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    You can't currently do that in the 3.5/PF ruleset, you have to just roll twice and arbitrate manually. Unlike 5e, where advantage/disadvantage is core mechanic, in 3.5/PF it's very rare to see this mechanic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darrenan View Post
    in 3.5/PF it's very rare to see this mechanic.
    I thought that was the case! I know that PF is very heavy on modifiers, and that 5e attempted to simplify things by granting advantage and disadvantage, instead of having to keep track of a million different modifiers interacting and stacking and cancelling each other out, etc.

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    I might get coded in when the Mythic rules get officially coded, it is more common there

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    Have a look at my improved basic rules I posted a few days back. They include drag/drop for races and classes, including domain powers.

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