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    Using Templates as a Player


    I would like to know how to use available templates as a player. For example, I would like my player's to generate names with the "Human name generator" Template, but there is no "Generate" button if I log in as a player, while if I log in as a DM i can use it.

    Thank you.

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    Except I believe the character creation tools are meant for the players. Is this a design flaw in FG? Players can't utilize templates?
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    Design flaw? I would call it a design decision. Probably just one based on an oversight. After all, it would be impossible to consider all the use cases something like templates might be used for.

    Add it to the wishlist and it wouldn't surprise me if the functionality was soon available.

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    Since all assets are 'owned' by the DM players can't edit anything except notes. Hence the reason why the Templates won't work for players - they can't create story entries.
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    There's nothing stopping the player's client from generating and sending the data to the DM's client whereupon it could create the story entry. (Actually, it should probably be outputted to the chat window for players instead of a story entry that will linger in the campaign.)
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    This stops me from using templates to quickly generate a 0-level character using the DCC ruleset. I built a template that allows one button to generate all the attributes and equipment and lucky signs, but only the DM can use it, even if the module it is in is shared.

    I could click the button and share the story, but that is not the player generating the character.
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    How about Template Output to Note if a Story is going to be a problem? That way everyone can access the output. Templates have a ton of uses for players.

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    Thanks all for feedback. The templates feature was designed for GMs specifically, and only to generate stories.

    If you want to be able to generate story templates as players, or other type of templates, please add the requests to the wish list in my sig.


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