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    Great times, Thanks FG.

    Hi all,

    Just a thanks out to Smite Works for continuing to update FG and all the new 5e content that has been made available.

    I had not played in years and decided to give it a go with an Ultimate licenses and most of the 5ed materials.
    I've been DMing for a group now from all across the country for over 6 months, all coordinated through these forums.

    Lot of great moments in the campaign including founding competing temples, getting arrested for B&E, cliff diving, dragon wrestling, extra dimensional spaces, castle building, titles gained, carrying around soul crushing artifacts and not knowing it...

    Thanks and keep up the great work. And thanks to the forum members that helped early on with setting everything up.
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    I have got to agree with this statement. I have played on and off since 1979 but had not been able to play for quite a long time due to those who I play with living too far away to consistently play. Since I bought the Ultimate license and the 5E materials, we have been able to play again and it is much easier even if we want to jump on and play for an hour or so.

    I love this product and all of the automation for 5E work great.

    The community for FG is also incredible and have been so helpful when I have questions.

    So once again, Thanks!

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    This is good to know (looks like Klandare and I starting playing about the same time)... just arriving 'here' and happy to see comments like this as I 'jump into' the FG community.
    - Savy

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    Welcome Savy

    You'll find everyone around here to be very friendly and helpful. Except me, I'm the resident grumpy old fart, we'll get along fine as long as you stay off my lawn. And beware of Trenloe, he is the resident AI, who seems very friendly and helpful but we all know he is planning to take over the world.

    But all in all, ask questions, and have fun, you're gonna love FG regardless of the game you play

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erin Righ View Post
    And beware of Trenloe, he is the resident AI, who seems very friendly and helpful but we all know he is planning to take over the world.
    Yeah, but that's MY job!

    √(-1) 2^3 Σ Π
    ...And it was Delicious!

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    Thanks for the note and sharing your story. Welcome to FG!

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