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    Stuck on v. 3.3.1

    Hello all,

    Whenever I load up Fantasy Grounds on my PC, it always says there is an update available. I do see there are notes saying that the software should be on version 3.3.3. However, my install is saying it is stuck on 3.3.1. Any time I click the Update Available it doesn't find any updates, and goes back t the opening screen saying there is an update available.

    I don't know how to uninstall it, because the program is not listed in my programs and features. I am also afraid if I do uninstall it, all my data will be lost.

    Please help.

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    Sounds like you have it installed twice - once, which gets the update, and the other, which is what you are running. Backup your data, and you should be free to delete any copies of the software. Purchased content will download again when you update.

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    The program files and data files are kept in two separate locations so uninstalling the program won't affect your data. Always worth backing up first of course.
    You don't say what your OS is but FG is usually installed in C/Program Files (x86)/Fantasy Grounds. If you delete the FantasyGrounds.exe and FantasyGroundsUpdater.exe and then download the Webinstaller.exe from the store page to reinstall FG.
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    See "wrong Fantasy Grounds version" here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...ipt-errors-etc
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