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    LFP: 5e D&D Australia (Melbourne) Wednesday 7:15pm to 9:15pm weekly

    Looking for a player (maybe 2) interested in a weekly game which plays regularly and has been underway for 4.5 months and is currently at 5th level.

    Apart from when I (the DM), has commitments, we play every week and on time (sticking close to the 9:15 finish time). Usual manners apply, and we appreciate apologies in advance on Discord if you can’t make it is part of the commitment.

    About us:

    Mature gamers: aged 28-43, mixed genders. We play with all three pillars of play (combat, exploration, social) and the party acts as a cohesive unit (as player traits allow). If you like the Save or Dice Twitch stream gameplay style, that’s closer to us as a group, than Critical Role. We play pretty close to the rules, and rule mistakes aren’t worried about too much.

    We will be starting our first Fantasy Grounds experience next week (we have been on Roll20 so far) so we will all be learning how the FG beast works.

    I have the ultimate license so you can play with a FG demo account.

    Communications: Discord (voice only – the DM was built for radio, not TV).

    The Party:

    The party consists of: Human Fighter (Champion), Wood Elf Monk (Long Death), Fire Gensai Wizard (Illusionist).

    We play (loosely) in the Forgotten Realms.

    So far, the party has:

    • Cleaned out the Sunless Citadel
    • Been subject to an assassination attack by Hobgoblins (Waterdeep)
    • Found out where the hobgoblins came from (portal) and launched a raid on their stronghold.
    • Ran away when the party met the Hobgoblins leader (a human woman know only as the “Red Woman”
    • Were hired to find a dwarf who took some merchandise from a merchant and made a run for it.
    • Ended up in an abandoned village which was cursed and full of the undead. Through luck rather than good planning solved the curse.
    • Met up with a New PC and raided a monastery of a death cult atop a plateau in the heart of orc country, just escaped, before the orcs overtook the party, and rescued a large group of halflings that were farmer slaves to the orcs.

    We are now about to launch into a new stage (yet to plot that out as DM).

    What my players would like:

    The other players have indicated a preference for a spellcaster capable of providing some healing support. So, I guess this means cleric, druid, bard…
    One of my players keeps asking to go to 5 players, so if you don’t want to spellcaster, you are welcome to put another proposal in.

    What you can play with as a character:Players Handbook, DMG, Xanathar Guide.

    What I would like from you if you are interested.

    Name (first)

    Player proposed (Class)(speciality)

    Brief player backstory:

    Where you live (Country) (in the globe):

    If you have played any of the 5e adventures (which ones)

    Please ensure that you read the guide above to figure out if this is the type of group you would like to play with
    Any questions please ask!

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    I would be interested. I am based in Brisbane, would have to double check on the start time with the better half to make sure that is ok (Daylight saving can be a pain sometimes)

    Was thinking of a bard with a little bit of warlock (if multiclassing is ok), can get a backstory to you soon.

    I am going to be DMing Out of the Abyss with my group soon.

    Fairly experienced FG user, so can help others if needed.

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    Ok, no issues with the timeframe, and I have provided below a backstory for my character:

    Name: Talreem Bendowl (Tiefling)
    Player proposed: Bard 3 (Glamour) / Warlock 2 (The Celestial)
    Talreem was the third born child of the noble human house of Bendowl, but unlike his siblings, Talreem was cursed with the Mark of the outsider. Initially, this curse manifested as birth deformities (small nubs on his forehead and tailbone), unfortunately though as he grew, these abnormalities matured to form distinct features, being horns and a barbed tail.

    Due to this, he was constantly ridiculed and excluded by his older brother and sister, and outright physically assaulted by his father (Bruce) who could not separate the curse from the son. Talreem, a calm and reserved person, could not understand this enmity and did his best to remain composed while attempting to defuse any escalating situation through thoughtful and compassionate discussion.

    Luckily for Talreem, he had two champions in his early life that shielded the worst of it while letting his interest in literature and music flourish; these were his mother (Calisse) and librarian (Reginald). The love and attention of these two individuals helped him through the tough times, and eventually allowed him to take up a position in the local university nearby.

    It was at this very university that his Mark took on a more significant and dire transformation. At first he began hearing whispers where there shouldn’t be any, this progressed to a voice inside his head talking to him at times. Sometimes it would want to know more about him, other times it would make requests, and rarely it made demands. At the same time, the Mark had took on more visible expressions. Talreem found that he could makes flames in the nearby vicinity flicker and shake, doors and windows could fly open on their own, and on occasion when he was angry his voice could boom louder than any man should.

    Worried and concerned, Talreem looked through all the relevant books on hand at the university in case these sorts of symptoms had occurred before. He only found one book on the subject, and it was limited in its explanation. It said that on some occasions beings of the outer planes claimed individuals they thought were destined for greatness, hoping to bend them to their will. In some circumstances, these beings succeeded and the victims became helpless thralls, in others the individual managed to break free of the influence before it was too late.

    In either situation though, the person went on to change the world in some way, either for good or bad. At this point Talreem knew he did not want to be anyone’s thrall, having suffered enough at the hands of his father. Determined, Talreem decided he would venture out into the world in search of more information that would allow him to one day break free of the otherworldly being. In his travels, Talreem used his knowledge in the musical arts to make a living, allowing much needed funds to continue his research.

    On one such fruitful endeavour he was approached by a being (solar) of the upper planes whom had taken interest in Talreem. This being was concerned in the tiefling’s outcome and offered Talreem a contract such that his life could be spared so long as his soul was guarded by the solar. Understanding that this was the lesser of two evils, Talreem signed the contract, hoping that this would keep the other entity at bay. Why the protection and access to the solar lessened the foul influences of the otherworldly being, they were there still there, meaning he would have to find another means of ridding it once and for all.

    As his journey progressed his new found powers granted by the solar have matured in different ways. He has become more feylike in his appearance and is able to charm even the most dour of patrons with his alluring brand of music.
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    So this timeslot works pretty well for my friend and I. We've been looking for a game to play in as I'm getting him started on FG. He recently played a one shot with me, so he's not completely new to it, and he learns quickly. I've been using FG for a little over a year now and am very comfortable with it and 5e. I enjoy playing spellcasters the most and clerics/warlocks are my favorite class. He enjoys playing palidins the most so far. We would be able to reliably commit to the gametime. I would be happy playing a life cleric to keep people healthy- it's been a hot minute, or I could play something with a little more bite in it like a druid. Just depends on what the party is looking for. Alternatively.... we'd be level 5... I could play my backpocket protection mage. It's been even longer sense I've played him, but he's a multiclass between a life cleric and an abjuration mage. He will protect everyone in the party to his dying breath. Yeah, I'd like to play that. Lots of heals, and warding. Heals and wards everywhere. I believe that my friend will also want to play a protection palidin, meaning that we'd be a great one-two combo for the party. I'm experienced enough in fg that I would be happy to help anyone who needs it. Whether it be operation of the UI, or coding effects, I'm your man.

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    Name: Mogthar (Green Dragonborn)
    Class : Paladin
    Backstory : Mogthar, a noble knight of the precinct town of taoul di mitne (city of light in draconic)

    The young dragonborn was an orphan at birth, both parents were slaughtered while his sister ixen selava was kidnapped after the gruesome massacre. Mogthar was raised by an order of paladins within the city. Took to the top of his class and began his training as a young knight. Night after night mogthar would train with only the thought of saving his only blood.

    Years have passed and the case had gone cold and mogthar would soon lead on to be captain of the noble knights. No evil doer or villian would escape young mogthar's might. As strong as he was talented his reptilian silver tongue helped him gauge his enemies in persuasive manners.

    Mogthar would scourer the city looking high and low for his perpetrator. On one faithful day he came to an old abandon building. Word had spread that the criminal who butchered his parents and robbed him of his sister lied here. Without hesitation in a fit of rage he charged in unaccompanied. The building had a dusty musk smell to its interior. Coated with webs and dust but to his dismay an eerie glow came from the basement. He met an old hag who sat menacingly in her chair with a glowing shard above her. "I've been waiting for you, young knight. But sadly your story doesn't end here." Mogthar exhaling out poisonious breath "what sayeth you hag? Who are you and what have you done with my sister?" The hag cackles "I'm not the one you seek for I am the one who prophesied you fore coming." Mogthar in a streak of rage "WHERE IS SHE?" The hag finishes before becoming translucent "Journey forth young knight you will find her on your path but you must seek beyond the borders!"

    Mogthar a well season veteran of the law, swore to seek this slayer and to avenge his parents and missing sister. Leaving the order of noble knights he sent out on a quest to find his long lost sister Ixen and to vanquish all evil within his path.

    "Im TYLINDELL'S friend. I have some experience mostly playing paladins in 4E and 5E only played 1 campaign Curse of Strahd"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tylindell28 View Post
    So this timeslot works pretty well for my friend and I.
    You know this is in the wee hours of the morning for you?

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    As I stated, this works perfectly with our chedule

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    Thanks all. No additional proposals needed as I have enough to put to my group to consider.

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