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    Connecting FG with web service

    Anyone happen to know if it would be possible to somehow connect FG with a web API? Does it have any potential capabilty of sendng/retrieving data?

    As a simple example, imagine hitting a button in the FG UI or typing a command in FG and then having it make a service call to some monster generator, then that returned some xml or somehting which was converted to an NPC in FG. I know thats not a very practical example, but just trying to illustrate 1 example.

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    You might have a look at what Dulux_Oz has done with the Sound extension and the OLE extension.
    These are AFAIK one way but it might give you some ideas.
    Also (again AFAIK) FG currently only reads data from the file system or from within the game.

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    You could look at the monster creator in Savage Worlds that allows for copy and paste or maybe a way of importing a file (maybe a background windows service which accepts the file as input and saves it to a nominated folder for FG to import?).
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