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    Looking for players - DnD 5E

    Very experienced DM who uses a Matt Mercer style of roleplaying....heavy with character accents and various voices who encourages players to do the same! The game is a homebrew campaign where the impossible is happening!! An army of Orcs has started marching west through Gruumsh Pass! Are they organized by the Oil Barons of Gundahar to conquer the Five Crowns in the West? Or are they just intent on burning everything to the ground unless stopped? To make matters worse, the dragon monks of the Shimmering Scale have proclaimed that after nearly 5 centuries of being gone, dragons will return to the world of Tallos and who ever controls them.....controls the world.

    I like groups that are 3-4 players to keep everything tight. I can run several groups depending on the response! I live on the West Coast of the United States and I welcome players of all cultures or time zones...that's the beauty of playing online isn't it? I do not care if you have been playing since it was called Chainmail....or just picked up the 5E Players Handbook yesterday, as long as you are fun, reliable, and enthusiastically into the game we can make it work.

    I really need 2 immediate players that would start next Friday 11/24/2017 PST from 9:00pm to Midnight. That game launches and is need of a Rogue and some form of fighter. If you want to use magic....arcane tricksters or eldritch knights are fine, but Paladins, or Rangers would be great also. I usually do not limit players choices but this game has a couple of players already so I would like to balance it out.

    If you are interested let me know what days and times you would be available and the frequency. What your general background is would be nice. Something along these lines: My name is Mark. I am almost 50 years old. I have been DMing since about 1984 in both the United States and Europe (Germany). I love to DM because I am extremely creative and I love to build worlds, think up governments, alliances, politics, wars, and then explore them with players. I typically play Rogues or Rangers that are dark heroes but always aligned with the side of good when the chips are down. I am available Most weeknights from 6pm-11pm Pacific Standard Time, and am flexible on the weekends. I can play up to 3 times a week but the sessions must be 2-3 hours long. I am unable to do marathon gaming sessions. We would be using Fantasy Grounds and TeamSpeak.
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    Hello I am Michael. Been playing pathfinder for 4 or 5 years now also dabbled abit with 5e. Typically play fighter or druid but can play mostly any class needed. Im available most nights other than thursdays and can play for pretty long sessions. And i have expirence with both fantasy grounds and teamspeak

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    Hey Michael.

    Go ahead and email me directly!

    [email protected]

    I would love to see if you can round out the group!
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    Hey Michael.

    Email me directly!

    [email protected]

    I would love to join for a game too.

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    My name is John, I would love to play in your campaign. I have been playing for over 20 years and mostly play a cleric or fight character.

    [email protected]

    Thank you for your consideration.


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    Hey dude. 50 year old cat here. I would be a great guy to have on board because I love to roleplay and I DM so I can give you a break now and then. I tend to be the character with the bad Slavic accent. I finished running a two year campaign and took a break due to a lot of moving parts and pieces in my personal life, but the itch is coming back. I normally play on Saturday morning at 9 EST (-5GMT) for about 3 hours or so. I had 3 Euro's in my last group so it was a hoot. Ideas?

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    any room?

    Is there still a seat at the table? if so email me at [email protected] if it works out i will pick up what ever subs I need to play.
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    My name is Dan and 48 years old, played first edition and now 5e for the past year. first time on FG but I have been playing around for the last week as i piked up the full package. I am available weekends, currently week days are tough as i travel for work...need to find a way to play while at a hotel. i typically play a Paladin or Ranger.

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    Hey man I'd love to join. I'm terrible with timezones so not sure if I can. I'm living in hong kong, so not sure what time it wold start here. Got some experience role playing. I can do anytime sunday or evnings at 8pm HKT. Hit me up if you're interested.

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    Hey whats going on? My name is Steve and i'm 26 years old. I live in est time zone and was interested in joining one of your games. I have a game on Friday nights with some people that are local to me. If you were to start another game on a different day then I would be able to partake. Any time and day (excluding Fridays) works for me as long as its past 8 pst. I would love to be able to play weekly. I'm really ready to find a group and a DM that would last more then a few months. I want to see character that we have created see great adventures.

    I have some deal of experience with 5e, though I still do not know everything. I also have some experience with Fantasy grounds.

    I look forward to hearing a response from you!

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