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    Awesome thanks for sharing this, very useful.

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    Hey Zuger i have made a small coding tutorial video and I have extended this extension as the content of the video. It addresses in a very basic way one method of being able to track carried and non carried treasure.
    And the extension is here - feel free to use or not.

    Also any comments about splitting the code into different files are personal preference and not a criticism.
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    Awesome job

    Also any comments about splitting the code into different files are personal preference and not a criticism.
    No worry that was my first extension, I know it was duct taped

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    I am getting the following error when using the original extension.

    When i try and change the amount in the coins section I get the following:

    Script Error: [string "scripts/coins_weight.lua"]:52: attempt to perform arithmetic on a string value

    Any idea why?
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    Weird. ok I had to do a check on the coin to see if it is returning a number, if so then do the weight. I think something got stuck on this character sheet and I couldn't see it. It is working now, but I needed to revise the code. What I did was garbage trying to figure it out. I will try again in the morning with not 2 - 13 hour days of work brain.

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    Did you find the solution of your problem ?

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    Yes, my problem was an old character sheet. I have been training myself on development in FG by rebuilding extenstion and I forgot to delete and build a new character when I started looking into yours.

    There was a coin box with a nil value in it and your ext didn’t like that. Rookie mistake on my part. The moment I deleted the character sheet and started a new one, everything worked as expected.

    Thanks for reaching out.

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    Thank you for your reply. This could help somebody having the same issue.

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    IIRC, 3.3.7 has some kind of currency manager being introduced which may/may-not deal with weight. I glossed over it as I was just merging 3.3.7 with some of my personal extensions.

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    It does not deal with weight, just adds the idea of campaign-specific currency settings. This may eventually lead to more advanced features, such as weight and/or conversion calculations; but there are no plans at this point.


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