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    Steam synchronization erased everything I've made in my campaign

    After buying the new Xanathar module and synchronizing it at FG page, every new information i've put in my campaign like encounters, notes, new NPCs and itens where all erased, including the PCs.
    This reallyyyy buged me, since I no longer remember everything I've made (and I've made a lot).

    Anyone encountered the same issue?
    Any suggestions?
    The worst is that I would be DMing tomorrow!!!!!

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    What OS are you running on?


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    I've never known of just a simple synchronization losing campaign data.

    Open FG and click the folder icon in the top right. Go into the campaigns directory and there will be a directory for each campaign. Look in the directory with the name of the campaign - there will be a db.xml file - this is the latest campaign data. Are there any other db....... XMl files (session , backup, crash, etc.)? you may be able to roll back to one of these. First make a copy of your campaign directory and work against the copy - try renaming the most recent older file to db.xml (a file that is larger in size to the current file) and load up FG and select the copied campaign. See if you have more data.
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    I'm betting there's a second FG installation some where.

    And welcome to the forums and FG Community!

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    Go into your Settings and make sure that you still have your license key and your username entered in. The launch screen should not say FREE next to the version #. If it does, try entering or correcting the license key again. If it is a subscription, it must remain active. You can email it to us at [email protected] if you need us to validate it for you.

    As Trenloe mentions, the db.xml file within your campaign folder should be saving multiple copies and if it got overwritten or cleared somehow, then we can normally recover it by making a copy of each of them for backup and then trying to rename them to db.xml one at a time to find the one with the data you entered. The licensing stuff I mentioned above would possibly put you in a FREE/demo mode and disallow access to your custom creations even though they are still there.

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    Thanks so much for your help!!!!! I had a old backup db.xml file that I used. Several infos were saved, unfortunately I still lost many of them.

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    There isn't. Maybe the sync with Steam rewrote some of the info.

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    Are you perhaps performing live backup of your fantasy grounds folder to cloud? I made this mistake once and had similiar problem due to synchronization. Had to restore backup from cloud and it all went ok, but for a moment I thought I lost months of work. I backup my fg folders by automatic schedule since then.
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