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    Xanathar's is causing stability problems at FG?

    After I purchased the Xanathar's, and loaded the module, I'm having frequent freezing and my players are being affected with CTDs and bad allocation memory.

    Anyone is having this issues with the recent module?

    My specs are:
    _Win 10 pro,
    _i5 3.30GHz
    _16 Gb RAM
    _networking: 200 MB download, 100 MB upload

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    How many tokens and other images are you sharing? Clear those out to what you need then try. Note have the testing player nuke their cache before connecting to game.

    Also, don't share the MM or DMG.

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    Its not specific to Xanathar's, it's about how much you are sharing. You will have to reduce the number of tokens and images you have shared. Also (as Paul says) make sure you are only sharing player appropriate books/resources.

    Even though you have 16GB or RAM, FG (like every 32bit application) can only use 3.2GB. Also note that the GM client is more efficient at memory usage than the player client is, so your players will see problems before you will.

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