System: Pathfinder Game Descent into Toruerkral (Homebrew World, Homebrew Beta testing a Classless XP buy version of PF I am working on)

When: running 8 PM (eastern UTC-5) Saturdays (Usually 4-5 hour game session)
Term: Long (Possibly through level 20 run if all goes well)

Character Creation:

My Discord Server: (

Vod Example of gameplay: #descent-log has links on my server

Premise: Underground dungeon crawl hunting for a lost dwarven empire of myth and legend on a clock ahead of an expedition of Dwarves from the North who will come looking soon. An undead centric campaign, so a cross between Undermountain megadungeon with The Walking Dead set in Moria from LotR type scenario.

Character Role Replaced: The role being replaced was the group's buffer, who provided Mage armor to some, and would be the guy who tosses Resist Energy, Haste, other such staples to assist the party. You can make something else, but that is what the party lost.

Characters in the Party Currently: Control Wizard, Melee Paladin/Oracle, Melee Dragon (ATD), Melee Scout/Rogue, Ranged Paladin/Oracle healer

Contact Me: Jump onto my server linked above. Respond in #general with an @DM tag to express interest regarding Descent Slot with interest or questions. I will respond, or if I'm not around, my players are great about helping out.

How you are chosen: I will approve interested members for my players to vote in, so the players will choose their new member.

DM License: Ultimate
You need: At least FG Demo (Free), Discord for Voice (Free).
Optional: Teamspeak 3 (Free) to hook up for listening to my Syrenscape for sound effects/mood music.

Experience: I don't require any. This is a hardmode dungeon crawl testing the beta (version 2.2) of my classless hack of the Pathfinder rule system. Given this, we are all new to the "system" as it's an evolving test in progress. I can help train a person new to PF, or I can help an experienced PF gamer adjust to my hack to purchase abilities via XP just the same. Either works. I'm an experienced DM, but still learning FG, so folks who are new to FG as well are welcome, we can learn together.

If anyone has questions, you now know where to find me. I'm also on the FG and FGC servers on discord as well, if you don't want to jump in feet first onto my discord server. Just tag @Magrus on either server as well. Cheers!