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    Assigning EXP question

    Brand new to FG and I'm super excited at the possibilities for running campaigns in this format!

    As the DM, is there a way to manually adjust the exp that has already been awarded to players? Further, how do you set the amount they need to reach to level up?

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    welcome CriticalGrog.

    There are lots of ways to do this.
    Im going to assume you are using 5e so some of these things can vary from system to system.

    1. Ignore XP and award characters levels at appropriate milestones or intervals.
    2. Official XP requirements are listed in the PHB in section
    3. Drag all your characters to the Party Sheet and you can either drag encounters/quests to the party sheet or create them there on the party sheet and click Award and it will divvy the total points up and apply them.
    4. You can tell Sarah that she has received 100xp for such awesome role play and she can add it in manually on her char sheet by clicking the shield next to her class and level.

    There are probably many more options.
    Id go with #1 and let the story (and the challenge) tell you when to level them up.

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    Excellent! Thanks for the reply and suggestions! I think I'll try #1 for starters.

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    Details on how to edit experience points in the character sheet here

    Party sheet information here

    And welcome to FG.
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