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    Question about reading purchased material

    New convert to Fantasy Grounds here. I tried searching and combing through old posts, but wasn't yielding many results.

    I purchased the core class pack for D&D 5e as well as Tales from the Yawning Portal, and while I have a physical copy that is easy to navigate through, the interface doesn't seem to allow for a simple reading of either book. I don't like hauling my books out due to increased chance of damage and was hoping to read them on my computer after purchasing them.

    Is there a way to read the material as a PDF, or say a virtual book inside of the application? I like to read through adventures before I try to run them, but there doesn't seem to be a simple way to do so.

    So far it appears I can read individual 'chapters' of the campaign. It seems if I want the tables I then have to hunt that down in a different part of the application, etc, etc. It seems somewhat counter-intuitive to purchase a digital book with mechanics integrated into the if I can't read the book for information, so I feel like I'm just missing something. Also along with that is that I can't seem to resize the popup windows with information and end up having to scroll a lot more than I should if I could just expand the window.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Sorry to tell you this but legal PDFs of Core 5e material don't exist, WotC never made them. so as far as that goes, no you can't read them as PDFs, not legally anyway.

    You have to blame Hasbro's business model for that one.

    As far as reading them in the program, I don't know, I don't play 5e, I steer away from Warlocks of the Crooks products.
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    Hah Erin Righ some kinda welcome!

    Hey jespucci. Unfortunately for your use case all Fantasy Grounds products are in Fantasy Grounds format. There is no way to read these outside of Fantasy Grounds.

    Most windows should be resizable - see the stripy icon bottom right hand corner or you can go old school and hold [ctrl]+left mouse click/drag.

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    The Players Handbook is presented exactly as it would be in a physical book. In Tales of the Yawning Portal each adventure can also be read as it would be in a book by clicking on the reference manual section in each adventure.
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    Jespucci, don't despair! As said, there is no PDF, but there is the Reference Manual version that you can read. Instead of going to the various sections like "Story" etc, go to the 'Library' > 'Modules' click on the book you want and then select "Reference Manual" from the list and then you will get the ref manual window which is like a book with an index on the left. Here's what ToA looks like;
    Screen Shot 11-10-17 at 08.22 AM.PNG

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    Ah! That is what I was looking for. Thank you Zacchaeus and LordEntrails!
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