Hi folks. I have updated NPC Engineer; the main thing is the Rich Text editor for inputting descriptions. It makes a big difference to adding data, I believe. It may still be a little buggy - please test it and let me know what breaks it. Link to main thread and the download in my sig.

Thank you!


Latest update (5/11/17):

Fixed: Parse module now correctly saves db.xml for 'DM only' modules, and common.xml for player-accessible ones.
Fixed: Loading a new NPC now correctly clears all of the previous NPC's data.

NEW: A new text input module has replaced the clunky old pop-up window for the 'Description' tab. Formatting can be applied on the fly, and will automatically apply to pasted text. This will have some issues for NPCs saved as *.NPC - please check any such files carefully and resave them. Files added to the Project are unaffected, but you may wish to update them anyway.
NEW: The 'weapon attack' action now has a dropdown menu where you can select a weapon and the rest of the boxes will fill automatically. this requires that you edit the 'weapons.json' file in a text editor to put in any weapons you want available. I have included 3 Gaelic weapons as examples - a bow (bogha-saighde), a sword (claidheamh) and a knife (cuinnsear). I cannot distribute the PHB material, so adding it falls to the user. I will add a GUI to NPC Engineer to simplify adding of information at a future point.
NEW: A new parse log has been added. It is identical to the old parse log, but it decided to get in on the Rich Text action by adding some colour.