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    Problem to host a game

    I would like to apologize for my English, I am Brazilian and I am not fluent in English.

    I use FG many years and never had problems to create my own tables, however after changing the internet provider all the tests give as flaws, I have added the exceptions in both the firewall and the moden and still the problem persists, I would not like having to use hamachi to use, I know it's a setup issue, does anyone have any alternative besides what I've already done?

    thank you

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    Hey trix you should in the first instance speak to your ISP and explain that you use an application that requires an inbound IPv4 port forward and so you need an IPv4 address...
    If that doesnt work we can try some other options but they wont be as good..

    In the meantime please do a tracert and post the output here.

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    And welcome to the forums

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    Good afternoon, I talked to the company that provides the internet service and asked them to do the unlocking of port 1802, they informed me that by using the service of NAT NAT only they could do such unblock, they called me now and the port was open! I took the test and it was successful! thank you very much, I hope it will serve as a parameter for the next people who need it, sometimes just ask for company that provides the internet to open the port that solves it! hug

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