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    LFP: Pathfinder game (non-sanctioned) - Sundays 5pm GMT

    Our group is looking to expand with one or two players for our Pathfinder game.
    The game is not society sanctioned. We play our campaign, though official campaigns may be introduced at some point. The power level is medium+ as is our progression, there are no extraordinary house rules. As a GM I am quite liberal with your choices of character class, race and development.

    The campaign:
    The campaign is story driven (70%) and largely based on character development. I try to provide a good mix of adventure, dungeon crawl and social adventure and focus my campaigns on an underlying theme. Currently that is "Changing the world" which happens based on your decisions within the game. The game is set in the area of Andoran and Absalom. I put effort into the game to create a good atmosphere and environment for my players.

    What you should bring with you:
    Curiosity and an eagerness to interact. Team capability (regardless of your character's disposition). The game does not provide the hours of mob grinding havoc of hour long fights and isnt suitable for min-maxxing characters to shine. You will need a basic idea of how rpgs work, but we welcome newcomers to Pathfinder. The game is for adults only.

    The group:
    We currently have two active and dedicated players, one of whom is an rpg veteran. We are welcoming and just looking to have a few hours of good fun where we can leave the rest of the week at the door for a bit. I am an experienced player and gm myself. My personal preference are small groups of 3-4 players since a story driven game requires more room for interaction.

    We can reschedule the game to a different day, but the play time is fixed around 5-7pm GMT (1pm eastern). We play weekly, for 4-6h each session.

    You can cotact me in this thread, via pm or on Discord at Cingari#0885 (or Cingari #0885)

    Thank you.

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    I would be interested in joining the group. I am stuck at work now, but I will message you on discord tonight.

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