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    [5e] Two players LFG

    A friend and I are looking for a character-driven campaign, something that will incorporate the characters' backgrounds and motivations. Something with a lot of room for character development. Ideally, we'd like a campaign where the passage of time actually occurs, where we can see the effects of our actions taking place. They often play a passive, supportive role while I tend to prefer strategists and socialites.

    We're both somewhat experienced players, just looking for a chill, civil group. We're available Monday and Tuesday most any time as well as Sunday afternoons if necessary.

    Voice is preferred, but video is a hard no, at least from me. We both have Discord and Skype, so whichever works for you works for us.

    Feel free to send a PM or post here with any questions.

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    LFP 1-2 Vampire The Masquerade 20th campaing, time -5GMT(EST-USA). Date Thursdays 7pm local until late

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