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    West Coast (PST) Sessions?

    I'm very interested in FG (played D&D throughout the 80s and into the 90s) but before I buy I want to just make sure that I'll be able to get into a game in Pacific timezone. Realistically, needs to start around 8pm (two small kids I need to help get down).

    Sorry to ask such noob questions, but I've seen some PST posts go unanswered, and the calendar is a bit lite, so I wanted to make sure that there would be opportunities using FG.

    Thanks guys. Excellent software.

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    I have a game out of vancouver washington that I run every wedensday night at 7:00 PST, if you are interested just join next wedensday to tuxrox.zapto.org and we can talk about class / race / whatever then ...

    I have 8-10 ppl saying they will show up but I think only 2 will so dont even bother telling me you will show up, just do or dont :-D

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    Great, thanks for the headsup Idsjohn. I really like the concept and the hard work that's obviously gone into the software. It's just tough seeing lots of games start at 4pm your time....or worse start at 10am and frankly between work and two small kids, ain't no way I get a day pass for four hours at 10am. So the main thing is knowing that games will be out there. Obviously I could try to dm something, but that ain't my forte and I definitely don't know the software well enough to do that.

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    New Game with FG

    Hi, Idsjohn, slowsnake here. I'm interested in playing in your game. Do you use voice, teamspeak, skype, paltalk for the game? Give me a reply if you are using voice, if so I will jump in the next game. I'm a old time player of D&D since the early 80's. Been useing FG for 6 months now. Thanks for your time. Oh I'm in MTN time. [email protected]

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    I'm interested in finding a west coast game myself. I usually don't get hoem from work until 7-7:30 pm so I'd prefer a game that starts after then.

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    I am also a resident of the west coast (Vancouver, British Columbia), and I want to become active with FG. I've ran a couple sessions for the friends that I play live games in, and it has been very successful. I used to run a campaign for distant friends using OpenRPG, but switching to FG has been a no-brainer. I love it.

    Due to limited time, at the moment, I am only solidly available to play on Sunday afternoons. I've registered a game on the calendar to play on Sundays between noon and 4pm. I may run a long-term campaign in the future, but due to experiences in the past with the high rate of no-shows I'll be sticking to one-shots and short adventures for now.

    Here's to launching some successful games!


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