FG License: GM has ultimate license, no player license required
Game System: Pathfinder

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
Day of week and time: Monday 5:30 - 9:00 PM
Planned Duration & Frequency: Weekly
Term: Long Term

Text or Voice: Voice used for RP during session, text between sessions
Software used: Google Hangouts w/ video for sessions, Discord for between session RP

Roleplay & Combat mix: Healthy balance between the two with emphasis placed on roleplay
Number of Players in game & needed: Currently have 5 players, looking for 1 more
Character starting level & equipment: TBD (Will be 5 or 6 with standard wealth for that level)
Character restrictions: All 1st party Paizo material is allowed
Party Composition: We currently have a cleric, rogue, swashbuckler, and 2 vigilantes

Details of your scenario: We are currently in Book 2 of the Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path. The Adventure takes place mainly in the city of Korvosa. The King has recently died and the Queen has taken over rule of the city. A few nights ago a quarantine ship sailed into the harbor without identifying itself and was shot down. Now a plague has broken out in the city and the party races to find a cure.

This is a long term group that has been playing together for many years. Most of us are in our early 30s. Applicants should be eager roleplayers and be willing to RP during and between sessions. Please no min/maxers or power gamers as you most likely will not be a good fit for the group. We are a mature group that still likes to have fun. Expect to receive and dish out ribbing.

If the above interests you please message me telling me a bit about yourself and why you think you would be a good fit for the group along with a character concept. Hope to hear from you soon!