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    LFP Sunday club - Europe (GMT/UTC +1) 18:00-22ish

    Planned start date: Started and full!
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    Belgium Antwerpen
    Hey RunningHill, I like to join Ive sent you a PM

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    Hello new in FG dont know yet how to join a game but ill be glad to join

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    Hi drew and disektos!
    That was quick!
    Being new to FG is no problem. We can have a session zero this sunday and learn the system and get to know each other.

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    Mar 2017
    Belgium Antwerpen
    Ok, just sent the voice chat and I’ll be there this Sunday

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    We are for the moment a full group.

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    It is good to see that a group has formed quickly and successfully in the EU timezone. Have fun!

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    Hi RunningHill. If you still have room I'll like to join your game.

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    Had some issues with real life in the group - 2 spots are open again. We are still on 1st lvl.

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    I would very much like to join! im living in denmark, so the time zone is perfect, i have been playing with a group in USA at fridays, but the time difference is a bitch.
    if you want me too, i can roll a character right now!
    Please let me know if i can join

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