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    Do D20/Pathfinder Treasure Tables Exist For Fantasy Grounds?

    I've asked this before but I'm revisiting it with the advent of official Pathfinder content for Fantasy Grounds. I was very disappointed to not see some kind of table like this included with the official Pathfinder content. The 5th D&D equivalent came with a very robust and highly useful set of treasure tables that add a ridiculous amount of utility to the mod.

    Has anyone done a mod for these tables for D20 Pathfinder? It would help my campaign building to no end to have these tables directly in Fantasy Grounds.



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    Quote Originally Posted by paladinpariah View Post
    I was very disappointed to not see some kind of table like this included with the official Pathfinder content.
    The official Pathfinder content only includes content that is available in that specific product.

    The treasure table you link is for D&D 3.5E, so won't be included in any official Pathfinder products.

    Maybe someone will put one together, or maybe a Paizo product has similar tables that will be converted to FG in future. If you can find something similar in Paizo products there might be some info on when that may be converted.
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    I thought those tables were in the Core Rulebook but it seems like those tables are in Game Mastery. I'm wondering if they'll find their way into Fantasy Grounds' official Pathfinder modules when Game Mastery gets done by Smiteworks. If that's the case, I'll wait. If not, I will finally resort to making my own, which I was really trying to avoid. Thanks for the advice.

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    If they are in a product and that is converted to FG, then it will be in the FG version as well

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    Do remember as well that the 5e we have today has many more features than the 5e that was available when the license deal was signed.
    Some features will continue to make their way into the product over time.

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    I've thought that the tables from Ultimate Equipment would make a good module, but I just don't have the time to make it.
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    Taking a look at those for inspiration. Nice recommendation.

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