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    Eberron Campaign needs Players

    I need 2-3 more players for an Eberron campaign I'm hosting. I have two so far.
    Level 1 campaign, Core and Eberron books (ECS, Races of Eberron, Magic of Eberron, Explorer's Handbook, Sharn, and Five nations).

    Special Note: Due to my internet connection, I have to use Hamachi to be able to host. So to join, you'll need Hamachi. https://www.hamachi.cc/

    PM me to join and get connection info for Hamachi.

    I'll be running the sessions on Sunday, 5pm EST. (GMT -5).
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    First session is this Sunday at 5pm EST.
    So far I have two confirmed players, and one that should join during the next session. I'd like to get two more for a complete party (having played this adventure as a player, I know two characters don't have much chance).

    Anyone interested should PM me, preferably with a character in mind.
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    love ebberon

    i would love to play, i am playing in a game now and love to play in yours

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    Sorry, Ray. I didn't get a reply from you, so I have to considering you unable to make it.
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    a reply from what i didnt get any message from you

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    sorry i am new to this , i got your message and downloaded hamachi,send me an email [email protected] and bring me up to speed plz.

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    I'm sorry. I currently have five players and don't need another. If a spot opens up in the future, I'll contact you.
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    lets chat if you have the time

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    confused player

    I want to play and will run a shifter barbarian, plz give me some details my email is [email protected]

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    Like I said, I don't have space for another character right now. You are on the top of the list if something opens up.
    ~"I'm not insane. I just have a vivid imagination!"~

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